How to place an order

Checkout on our website is easy. Simply add the selected items to the cart, and then go to the Trash page, check the correctness of the ordered items and click the "Checkout" or "Quick Order" button.

Quick order

The "Quick Order" function allows the buyer not to go through the entire procedure of placing an order himself. You fill out the form, and in a short time you will call the store manager. He will clarify all the conditions of the order, answer questions related to the quality of the product, its features. And also will tell you about payment and delivery options.

According to the results of the call, the user, either receiving clarifications, independently draws up an order, equipping him with the necessary positions, or agrees to the design in the form in which it is now. Receives a confirmation on the mail or on the mobile phone and is waiting for delivery.

Ordering in standard mode

If you are sure of the choice, then you can independently place an order, filling out the entire form by stages.

Address Filling

Select the name of your region and locality from the list. If you did not find your locality in the list, select the value "Other location" and enter the name of your settlement in the column "City". Enter the correct index.


Depending on the place of residence, you will be offered options for delivery. Choose any convenient way. For more details about delivery terms, see the "Delivery" section.


Choose the best payment method. For more details about all options, see the section "Payment"


Enter the information about yourself: name, address of delivery, phone number. In the field "Comments to the order" enter information that may be useful to the courier, for example: entrances in the house are counted from right to left.


Check the correctness of the information entry: order items, location selection, customer data. Click the button "Checkout".

Our service stores information about the user, information about the order and next time will suggest you to repeat the input of the previous order. If the conditions do not suit you, choose other options.


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